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2:26 am - November 08, 2004
The End
Well kids. It's time now. I am closing down Raq. I love this diary, and it has served me well. I want to get back to writing again, but I cant here anymore. I think I'm a little bit of a different person than I was when I started it, and too many people that know me in real life have found this diary and have read parts of it. I no longer feel like I can pour out my heart here like I once could, which is why I no longer write in it. So Raq is closing down.

I'll be taking down my template and putting up a regular DLand one. All the entries will remain available, and i'll log into it every now and then so it doesnt go away entirely. But I will no longer update it. I have started a new one somewhere else, and I'll be writing there. Any of you that still read are most welcome to continue reading the new one, just email me and ask me for the addy and i'll be happy to give it to you. (Email me at [email protected] with something about Dland and my new diary in the subject so i dont just delete it.)

I shall miss this diary, and I'm grateful for all the good friends I made while here. The fun will continue tho, just not here.

I love you all. I love you most tho my little diary. < hugs > It's been fun.

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